"This Book Is The Road Map To Reach New Levels of Success & Live The Lifestyle You Opened Your Salon Door For "

Hey I'm Jessica Crane 
Bristol, UK 

I am a business coach for salon owners and after coaching hundreds of salon owners over the last 8 years 

I discovered there are definitely some key differences between the salons that reach massive success and the ones that always seem to struggle 

I have obsessed over what these key differences are

WHY does this happen? 

What makes some people get stuck and some sky rocket to success? 

"Salon Boss Mindset Mastery Reveals...."
In this book I share EVERYTHING I have taught my clients over the years when it comes to mastering your mindset for business 

Because if you're feeling stuck where you are right now or trying to reach new levels of success

The chances are something is holding you back 

Most of the time these things are buried deep in our subconscious and we need to weed them out

Salon Boss Mindset Mastery will help you do exactly that because 
Your business will only ever be as successful as you are 
Your business can only grow if you're growing 

I know you have heard the saying you can't pour from an empty cup 
This book is going to help you fill your cup with all the salon secrets you need to be set for success 
"The Salon Owner Evolution"
There is a clear distinction between the patterns of behaviour and actions between those with massive success and those not reaching their goals 

And it had nothing to with
❌Their Creative Skills 
❌Their salon interior 
❌Their presence on social media 
❌or any other shiny object 

It was so much more than that 

Their success came from 
✔️Having a clear compelling brand vision 
✔️Being a leader who inspires and motivates everyone around them to be compelled to want to be a part of what their company stands for 
✔️Having a clear business strategy with the skills and belief to execute it everyday not just the days they felt like it 

When you receive your copy of Salon Boss Mindset Mastery... Here are some of the secrets you will discover.... 

Secret 1 - How to get clarity and confidence to move from where you are right now to where you want to be 

Secret 2 - Craft a clear strategy to execute on a daily basis to consistently achieve goals 

Secret 3 - Identify the skills and blocks currently holding you back right now 

Secret 4 - How to step into the shoes your team and business needs you to be on the good days and the bad 

Secret 5 - My Top 6 Habits for success in life and business 

The Expert's Guide to Salon Success for Salon Owners

Send me your address and we will get your copy shipped out to you ASAP.....
If you prefer for a small fee you can also access an audio version and purchase all the worksheets and bonus trainings below 
"The Ultimate Guide To Salon Success"
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Yes... for about the price of lunch, you can get access to a framework that took me 8 years to create... 

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"Warning: This Book Contains Life Changing Results"
"What have other salon owners achieved from these secrets?"
In fact...
They have used it to create everything they dreamed of, like:
  • ​Increase profit
  • ​Buy commercial property
  • ​Plan future wealth
  • ​Live on their own terms 
  • ​Work less hours 
  • ​Win industry awards 
  • ​Scale to multiple locations 
  • ​​ Attract more clients 
  • ​Attract top talent
  • ​Plan their exit strategy
  • ​Diversify income streams 
  • ​Buy a house 
  • ​Buy a new car
  • ​Start a family 
Winner British Hairdressing Business Awards Innovation 2020
In 2020 our signature Systemise for Success Programme finalised and Won Innovation of the Year 2020 at the British Hairdressing Business Awards 

Everything I teach is real life hands on practical skills that work right now 

Not what worked 10, 15 or 20 years ago 

The business landscape is always changing and the only way to stay ahead is to be innovative 

And in this book I share some of those exact innovative secrets with you 
Hear what other salon owners have to say...
"Become the business owner you always envisioned "
"As a hairdresser and a salon owner I found this book to be invaluable. Working on mindset is something I actually never thought to do before. 
From reading this book and working with Jessica I would say that if you want to change your working practices and grow your business without having to work seven days a week doing more clients then Jessica Crane will be the best investment you could make. Jessica helps you have laser sharp focus on the areas of your salon business that will help you to grow, scale up and to become the business owner you always envisioned you would!" - Natalie - Owner HEIR Salon, HEIR Education, HEIR Heads  

Natasha - Owner HEIR Salon, HEIR Education, HEIR Heads

Clair - Owner Clair Swinscoe Studio Couture

Sarah-Jayne - Owner Guise & Dolls 

Charlotte - Owner Salon Of Marple 

Louise - Owner Freestyle Hair Design  

Carrie - Owner The Sanctuary 

Jesse - Owner The Sanctuary   

Kate - Owner Love Hair Broadway  

Deb - Owner Love Hair Broadway   

Tasha - Entrepreneur  

When You Get Your Copy Of "Salon Boss Mindset Mastery"(For Just £12.99)
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Bonus #1 - Salon Boss Mindset Mastery Book 
"The Ultimate Guide to Salon Success"
Total Value: £24.99
This Book makes it easy to make more money in your salon
Reach new levels of success and Live the lifestyle you opened your Salon door for
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Bonus #2 - Salon Owner Evolution
"How To Show Up as The best Version Of You Everyday"
Total Value: £197
This Guide makes it easy to Transform into the next version of you, the version that your business needs you to be.
Be ready to take on the world, and Feel like the confident business owner you always wanted to be
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Bonus #3 - Breaking the Glass
"How To Break Through To New Success Levels"
Total Value: £97
This skill makes it easy to Break free from every shackle that has ever held you back
Vibe on a whole new level and be free from fears or sabotaging past behaviours
Get This For FREE When You Order Salon Boss Mindset Mastery Today! 
Bonus #4 - Meet your future self
"Get Clarity & Confidence On The Next steps To Grow Your Salon Business In 30 Minutes"
Total Value: £137
This Guided Visualisation makes it easy to Connect to your future self, Craft a clear compelling picture of the future you want
Set clear goals and actionable steps towards your goals and dreams
Get This For FREE When You Order Salon Boss Mindset Mastery Today! 
Bonus #5 - 3 Steps To Success   
"Learn How to Inject My 3 Step Success formula"
Total Value: £197
This Road Map to take you to your desired Life makes it easy to create a plan to execute on a daily basis
See the steps of the journey and how to get there and Live the life you deserve
Get This For FREE When You Order Salon Boss Mindset Mastery Today! 
There Is NO CATCH!
Now I am helping hundreds of salon owners all over the globe. I am helping them grow their business, increase their profit and scale.

But more importantly, I am also teaching them how to reach their full potential and become the next version of themselves and reach their goals. 

To really live in harmony of having the business and lifestyle they wanted when they first opened their salon door

I am doing this because there are so many people in our industry who also have that deep sinking feeling that no one is coming to save them. Just like I felt, many salon owners feel alone in their business too with nobody to turn to for business advice & real support. 

But now I want to reach even more salon owners and give them tools I learnt to succeed 

Time Is Of The Essence...
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Here's why...

We've only printed a few thousands copies of this book, and when they're gone... well, they're gone! 
You Must Act Fast!
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  Meet your future self (Value £197)
  3 Steps To Success (Value £197)

Total Value: £712.99
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See you on the other side 

Thanks again,
Jessica Crane 
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  • ​3 Steps To Success (£197 Value)
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