Unapologetically Helping Female Entrepreneurs 
Create Generational Wealth 
Through Strategic Business Growth & Diversification   

Learn how to make money while you sleep and create long term wealth?
An Exclusive High Level Business Mastermind for Female Entrepreneurs Ready To Explode To The Next Level Over The Next 12 Months

Welcome To "Wealth & Business Mastery Mastermind" 
For Female Entrepreneurs 

What's Included: 
This Mastermind is a 12 month commitment to growing your business 

One to One VIP Day In Person 

During your time in the mastermind you will spend 1 full day live in person one to one with Jessica 

She will go through each area of your business step by step with you but more importantly implement the changes immediately 

From sales funnels, copy writing, pricing, product creation, branding EVERYTHING no stone will be left unturned 

24/7 Support:

✅ Weekly Q&A office hours with Jessica 

✅ Access to guest experts on hand

✅ Monthly one to one check in call  

Every week Jessica will be available for office hours style Q&A so you can get the support and expertise you need to reach your new goals. To ask questions, strategise and have a step by step plan every week in your business with your CEO workbook
PLUS - 24/7 VOXER support 

Quarterly in Person Events 

These quarterly events are worth their weight in gold. You make quantum leaps from attending these events. Networking with other high level entrepreneurs and getting breakthrough ideas and strategies to really take your life and business to the next level. 
If you have been desperately searching for women in business on your level this is the community you have been craving. To share big ideas, get support, accountability and guidance from others who are on the same journey this community is priceless.  

Full Access to Mastermind Members Areas

You will get access to bespoke created content for the mastermind members and their specific goals. A mastermind is not about consuming more content but having the steps created for you to reach YOUR goals. You will have access to all past and future recordings during your membership period (This is a 12 month membership and access will be granted for 12 months)

Marketing & Funnel Mastery - Create Sales Funnels & Processes To Grow & Scale Your Business 

Jessica is a Clickfunnels 2CC award winner meaning she has generated over £1 million revenue through a single sales funnel so to say she is a marketing and sales master is an understatement 

If you're looking to diversify, grow or scale your business this mastermind is going to give you all the tools, knowledge & skills 

Traffic Mastery: To fill your sales funnel with ideal clients and sell to them through automation 
Branding Mastery: To elevate your brand and stand out from your competitors and command higher prices 
Copy Writing Mastery: With Jessica's signature prelaunch/launch strategy and irresistible offer creation frameworks  

Money Mastery With The Wealth Cycle 

Creating your foundations to long term generational wealth by injecting our Wealth Cycle 

Within this mastermind we have an entire team ready to make your wealth goals a reality 

Our in house financial advisor and planner is going to execute your investment strategy for you step by step 
Including, pensions, stocks, shares. Tax planning and reviews as well as protection planning. Your business and family is important to you and so we want to make sure you are fully protected in life and business. 

Together you will review your retirement cashflow plan and goals, so you have a fully comprehensive plan of how to achieve your life financial goals with the right help, support and advice 

You will also receive mindset and money coaching along with practical tools and resources to managing money and finances both personal and business 

Business Mastery 

During this mastermind my ultimate goal for you is to reach business mastery and create and execute generational wealth for you and your family 

Together we are going to inject the Money Machine - ensuring you not only have the right products and services for your business 

But that you are also creating multiple streams of income and diversifying your income through various sources 

So you are making money 24/7 even when you're on holiday and even as you asleep 

That is business mastery 
  • 24/7 Support: On hand weekly support with Jessica & her team, High level community, monthly check in calls with your CEO workbook to keep you on track, PLUS 24/7 VOXER support 
  • Quarterly in Person Events: Come learn, network and experience HUGE breakthroughs LIVE in person 
  • ​Marketing & Funnel Mastery: How to create next level marketing assets that can produce you income 24 hours a day 7 days a week all automated
  • ​Money Mastery: Creating Long Term Generational Wealth with Financial advice and support to make your goals a reality with the wealth cycle 
  • Business Mastery: Creating the right structure for the life you want & diversify your income streams 
  • ​Traffic & Automation Mastery: Increasing the volume of traffic to your products & services, sell your products and services whilst you sleep 
  • Full Access to Mastermind Members Areas: You will have access to all past and future recordings during your membership period 

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